To be Africa’s leading interdisciplinary centre of excellence promoting sport as a powerful tool for development, peace, health, wellbeing and social change through high-quality research and combining the areas of sports and health sciences and community development and wellness.


The Interdisciplinary Centre of Excellence for Sports Science and Development (ICSSD) is pursuing the following objectives to fulfil its vision:

  • Conduct Productive Research Activities
  • Teach and Train the Next Generation of Sport Leaders
  • Pursue Community Outreach
  • Contribution and support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The University of the Western Cape

ICESSD, as a part of UWC, is guided by the University’s ethos, goals and vision; it takes as its point of departure the broader national context as well as the realities of Southern Africa, and the African continent as a whole.

ICESSD contributes to UWC’s vision and mission through:

  • excellence in teaching, learning and research;
  • the nurturing of cultural diversity; and
  • responding in critical and creative ways to the needs of a society in transition.

Sports development at and through UWC is a key component in giving effect to our mission and is embedded in the University’s strategic plan. The development of our students, most of whom come from significantly disadvantaged backgrounds, is related to the development of the communities they come from.

Areas of work

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Sports Science and Development has consolidated strategic priorities and engaged in the following strategic areas of work to contribute to the relatively new research niche area of sport and Development.

  • Research Intensiveness, Innovation and Internationalisation
    • Postgraduate research and Supervision
    • Primary research and peer-reviewed publications
    • Commissioned research
    • Partnership research
  • Teaching and Learning and the 21st Century Graduate
    • Postgraduate Diploma for Sport, Developent and Peace
    • NQF Level 5 short courses including courses for UWC and community coaches
    • ICSSD’s future coordinating role MA programme in Sport for Development from 2019
  • Community, Partnerships and International Engagement
    • Support to community coaches at UWC
    • Umama social dialogue with targeted groups
    • Technical advice to NGOs in Sport and Development

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