ICSSD has developed an excellent platform over the past years with reliable on campus, local, provincial and international partners. With the University’s and faculty’s support the Interdisciplinary Centre for Sport Science and Development with its local, national and international network has the potential to have an even bigger developmental impact in this crucial area of Sport and Development nationally, on the continent and globally. UWC has been seen as an important sport development node for South Africa.

Objectives of ICSSD’s Outreach Programme:

  • To continue to develop an inter- and multidisciplinary community service programme
  • To continue to offer community outreach activities with a focus on youth development, gender, health and wellness and professional development, talent identification and coaching assistance
  • To continue to liaise with federations, sport clubs, schools and community organisations
  • To continue  to provide holistic community sport leaders programmes, internships and participatory research opportunities
  • To continue to offer certified courses on level 5 to promote education in historically disadvantaged communities and to facilitate entrance to higher education.

Activities under the Community Outreach Programme:

  1. Research: Sport and Recreation for Community Development & Coaching (Profs Keim, De Coning, N. Laattoe, M. Gagayi)
  2. Short Courses and Training: In partnership with UWC Sport Administration Department and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Sport Science and Development launched an exciting new Leadership and Coaches Development Programme for High Performance and Community Coaches.
  3. Networking: In addition, ICSSD is a Member of the Western Cape Network for Community Peace and Development with the Bavaria  One World Network, Bavaria, Germany as a counterpart. In June 2018, ICSSD assisted a network member, Catiza Training and Development to secure a venue on campus for their work with at youth at-risk.
  4. Volunteering: ICSSD Director, Prof. Keim is involved in outreach activities for the NGO Foundation for Sport, Development and Peace and for Women for Peace, and Dr. Mc Kinney is a Core Volunteer for the Rondebosch Common parkrun, the Disability Ambassador for parkrun South Africa, and a member of the Global parkrun Research Board (in collaboration with Sheffield University).

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