• To provide continuing education opportunities in the field of sport and health sciences and community development and wellness.
  • To offer under and postgraduate programmes as well as certificate courses and annual summer/winter schools for students, clubs, federations, NGOs, government departments, coaches and consultants as well as any others interested in the field.


  • Sport and community development
  • Conflict transformation
  • Lifes skills and leadership
  • Participatory techniques
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Sport and health

Study Sport for Development

Post-Graduate Studies at ICSSD

Short Courses

NQF Level 4

  • Life Skills and Community Peace Building (level 4)
  • Sport, Development and Peace (level 4)
  • Leadership and Transformation (level 4)
  • Effective Business Communication Skills (level 4)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Course level 4: Participatory techniques in facilitation need assessment and evaluation (introductory course, level 4)
  • Introduction to sport and recreation for community development.(level 4)
  • Sport, physical activity and recreation in psychosocial and health intervention (introductory course, level 4)

NQF Level 5

  • Mediation Training (level 5)
  • Conflict Transformation (level 5)
  • Conflict Transformation Interventions (level 5)
  • Basic Facilitation Skills (level 5)
  • Sport and recreation for community development (advanced course, level 5)
  • Sport, physical activity & creation in psychosocial and health intervention (advanced course level 5)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation course Level 5: Participatory techniques in facilitation, evaluation and action-research (advanced course, level 5)

Advanced /Executive Level 7

  • Results-based Monitoring and Evaluation in Public and Development Management. (Advanced course/executive level 7)

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