We are back up and running :)

Hello and welcome back to a year filled with philanthropy and unbelievable wins here at ICESSD. Together we are making a difference – and that is the stone cold truth, i tell you!

We have all been out of the office for a while and updates to our website have been non-existant, we humbly apologize about this – the road of 2014 has left us all bearing different but coincided journeys. All for the greater good. Our website has been down for quite some time because our research assistant, Warren Lucas has had the opportunity to take on an internship of research in sport science and development at the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS), with Adv. Lyndon Bouah and the Ministry of Sport and Recreation at the been and always will be the biggest and largest part of any dissertation. He is nearly complete with this process and progress sure has been made. Prof Keim and Prof De Coning have been getting their hands dirty and publishing lots of research lately – Stay tuned for updates regarding their progress and groundwork.

It is simply unbelievable to see such great things happening in 2014, even though, the struggle alone, is never forgotten. Tough times have been faced in everyone’s life, personally… Even though these times never seize to end, it is important to remember that, the will of God will never take you to where the grace of God wont protect you. With that said, keep the faith, stay strong and make sure more giving is being done, than taking. Stay true readers, and stay smiling!!!